Anton Forsberg Morén

Head of Unit

Andrea Varrone, Professor

Scientific Director

BMIC: Brain Molecular Imaging Centre


Brain Molecular Imaging Centre (BMIC) is a core facility (CF) for molecular imaging of the brain using Positron Emission Tomography (PET). The aim of BMIC is to provide expertise and competence for brain imaging PET studies in human subjects and non-human primates (NHPs). BMIC supports research studies in for example psychiatric disorders, neurodegenerative disorders and neuropsychopharmacology. However, BMIC also supports a range of studies on other diseases and normal process in the brain or outside. BMIC provides also broader expertise for key molecular PET imaging studies supporting drug development programs in other research and therapeutic areas.

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BMIC provides support in both clinical and pre-clinical research studies involving PET experiments. With deliveries of radioligands from the Radiopharmacy CF we then provide full service in conducting PET experiments in either human research subjects or NHPs. Our highly trained staff is comprised of PET camera operators, medical physicist, research nurses and physicians as well specialised staff conducting experiments in animals. BMIC can also support in PET data analyses of both clinical and pre-clinical data acquired in the research studies performed.

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At the BMIC we have two different PET scanners. The GE Discovery MI 5 PET/CT and the MultiScan™ LFER 150 (Large Field of view Extreme Resolution). Both systems are very well suited for the research needs in both clinical and pre-clinical research.
1. The GE Discovery MI 5 PET/CT is a whole-body PET system designed for increased field of view to enable exceptionally high sensitivity allowing AI, deep learning image reconstruction. The PET system is localed at BioClinicum KI and mainly used in human PET studies but can also be used for larger animals such as pigs. The specifications of the system are: Transaxial FOV: 70 cm, Axial FOV: 25 cm, Spatial resolution: ~5 mm.
2. The MultiScan™ LFER 150 PET/CT (Mediso Medical Imaging Systems, Hungary) is a pre-clinical PET system dedicated for animal imaging with exceptional spatial resolution for quantitative analysis of small structures. The PET system is located at Comparative Medicine (KM-F) and mainly used for research studies in NHPs but can also be used for other medim sized aninals like rabits. The specifications of the system are: Gantry opening: 26 cm, Transaxial FOV: 20 cm, Axial FOV: 15 cm, Spatial resolution: ~1 mm.